K Suite

This logo was designed for a gym. The equipment provided high tech readouts to coach your performance. 

The two edgy strokes used in the logo visualise a human figure exercising.


Tristar Partners

The three stars in this logo represented the areas of enterprises the company focused on as well as representing the three founding partners.


Jing Yun Tang

The illustration in this logo is an actual Chinese Hutong that had been dismantled in Shanghai and rebuilt in Foshan China. The Hutong housed the company office, workshop and showroom which focused on the restoration of Chinese furniture and artifacts. 


Nam Fong

This Chinese restaurant at Le Meridian Hotel, Cyberport 

was located on the south side of Hong Kong island. The restaurant had a dramatic picture perfect view of the sun setting over the ocean. Hence the two circles in the logo represent the rising and setting sun.

Super Natural_Logo.jpg

Super Natural 

Reaction developed this logo to position a new and dynamic supermarket that went beyond offering just organic products. We coined their offering as "Super Natural".